Top 10 Must-Have Items For Every Board Room


Optimization of online boardroom meetings, Which items can help to prepare for productive online boardroom meetings? What can go wrong in the middle of discussion?


In an offline format, the speaker controls almost everything. And even if something goes wrong, he will be able to fix the situation with the help of live interaction. But what if something breaks in an online boardroom meeting? For example, if the sound or image disappears? And is it even possible to hold an online meeting with the boardroom without technical failures? The answer to this question lies in optimization of online meetings. This is the simplest way to make a good influence on your boardroom and perhaps your entire business. Let’s discover how to do it properly together.

1. Stable Internet.

Use a secure network: public wifi will not work. If there are many participants, then connect the wired Internet. Internet speed must be at least 1.2 Mb.

2. Reliable Browser.

Choose the browser wisely, and make sure it is most convenient and reliable in terms of security and speed.

3. Headphones.

It’s your choice which headset is more comfortable to use.

whether it is wired headphones or bluetooth ones. Just double-check that bluetooth headphones are charged.

4. External microphone.

When connected, the platform will ask you which microphone to use: built-in or external. It is better to use an external microphone from headphones. It provides a more stable and clearer sound, as it is closer to the face and does not capture extraneous noise.

5. Webcam.

Check the operation of the laptop camera in advance. If quality is important to you, choose an external webcam that supports hd.


6. Charger for computer.

Make sure your computer is charged. And best of all, keep your laptop on charge during the event to avoid force majeure.

7. System test.

No matter what kind of software or platform you are using for the online meeting, you have to test it before going live for the first time. Check the technical feasibility of participating in the meeting.

8. Checking presentation of materials.

If you plan to broadcast a presentation, videos from streaming platforms, upload everything you need to the webinar materials in advance and test the display. For example, to share a screen, you will need to download a special plugin. This can be done in the process in just a few seconds, but it is better to prepare in advance.

9. Technical support.

There is no need to underline the importance of online technical support during boardroom meetings. Nevertheless we would like to mention that 24/7 support plays a crucial role in fixing the possible technical issues during discussion. That is why, it is better to find out whether your software or platform has such service beforehand.

10. Keep calm.

Be prepared for the fact that technical problems are normal. The responsibility for the quality of communication lies not only with you and the platform. It also depends on the conditions in which the participants are located: first of all, on the speed of their Internet and the features of the equipment.


Therefore, do not worry or panic when faced with messages like “I have no sound” or “Nothing works for me.” Remember: everything has a solution, especially if you have technical support that is always ready to help you and your participants.


All in all, you can see that a key to a successful boardroom meeting is preparation. You have to prepare not only the content of the discussion, but also pay special attention to the technical part. And if you follow the checklist we mentioned before, be sure that a real focus of online meetings will be constructive discussions and you are going to spend a minimum time on organizational issues.