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The Features That Set Apart an Excellent VDR from the Average Ones

The data room software allows companies to quickly and transparently organize all document flow processes in a centralized and territorially distributed organizational structure. This article will highlight the most valuable features of the leading data room providers.

Virtual data rooms: why are they the future?

Digitization is structurally changing the business world for the better. Standard methods of interacting with customers no longer deliver the desired result. For companies to stay competitive, they have to follow modern trends. But what is the current trend in business? The maximum simplification and cheapening is the process of arranging daily business transactions. The global pandemic and a series of financial crises have shown that the usual business organization no longer works. The problem is being solved by digitization. As a result, modern companies introduce comprehensive digital solutions like a virtual data room (VDR). It is a cloud-based platform for secure, seamless collaboration and efficient data management. Data rooms are equipped with digital tools that allow you to streamline routine business processes with maximum productivity. Therefore, data room software isn’t just a “know-how” for geeks today. It’s a vital necessity for any business. It is a modern way of doing business, becoming as widespread as possible.

Excellent VDR: what features should the software have?

Today you can find many different services, from free data room systems and budget options to full-packed software systems for large enterprises. So, having analyzed the leading data room vendors according to, we have determined the important software features that excellent VDRs should have. They are as follows:

  • High-level data security

Security is important when important data is exchanged within or between companies. The virtual repository of certain confidential company documents in VDRs takes place in a clearly defined secure structure that has become the standard for exchanging important business data. This method offers speed, bandwidth, and a reasonable level of security. Data rooms offer the possibility of securely and quickly exchanging important business documents, scanning them, and encrypting them to ensure safety. In addition, the VDRs implement reliable means of delimitation of control over access to documents.

  • A hierarchical data storage system

The data room allows you to organize and structure digitized data, quickly search and set up simultaneous work regardless of the geographical distance of users. Even if documents are stored in paper form, the software functionality allows you to scan, recognize and save them. Furthermore, the same document can be included in several folders and shelves through a link mechanism (in this case, the original document remains unchanged and is stored at the location specified by the VDR administrator). The document attributes are stored in a relational database. For each type of document, a card template is created using visual tools, where the names of document attributes are presented in an understandable graphical form.

  • Version tracking of documents

When several users work with a document at once, document versions are a very convenient VDR function. Let’s assume that the performer created the first version of the document and passed it on to the next user for review. The second user modified the document and created a new version based on it. After a certain time, having read the comments and corrections, the first executor of the document decides to modify the original version and, on its basis, creates a subversion of the first version of the document.